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The Ariel Shop Manual explained:
Two publications make up the "Ariel Shop Manual". The first is the spare parts list for the correct year and model Ariel. The second is "Ariel Motor Cycles" by C.W.Waller, service manager Ariel Motors Ltd. The "Waller" book was published in North America by Floyd Clymer under the title "Ariel Motorcycle Owner's Handbook". Copies of both these books are often found on ebay and similar places while reprints of sections can be obtained from Draganfly (link below) and others. A third very useful resource is Modern Motorcycle Mechanics by J.B.Nicholson (link below). MMM contains a wealth of practical workshop information for servicing Ariels and their components.
Other helpful documents include the Draganfly Catalog with it's many diagrams, the Lucas "Workshop Instructions" for servicing electrical parts and Ariel's "Owner's Guide" for the appropriate year and model. Publications and articles on Burman gearboxes and Amal carburetors are also helpful.
Ariel Motors did several things that make restoration of their bikes easier. First, Ariel established a policy of interchangeability so that when parts were redesigned they could be fit to the older machines. This obviously doesn't work for all parts, but it does for many. Second, the last two digits of Ariel part numbers signify the year the part entered production: thus 1750-29, 1750-34, 1750-39, 1750-51 and 1750-54 are all single cylinder camshafts produced from 1929 through 1954. Despite the 5 different designs they are all interchangeable (though you need different followers with the last two versions). Third, in addition to a picture and a part number, Ariel parts lists show casting numbers that can be used to identify parts. These qualities make the Ariel parts lists an indispensible resource. Parts lists and other technical publications are found in the "members" section.
Ask an Expert
John with 4 of the Square 4 MkIIs he's restored. (click photo for a larger view)
The following members have voluteered to answer questions about Ariel motorcycles, photos of Ariels, artifacts, or membership in the AMCNA. Please put "Ariel" or "AMCNA" in the subject line.
Singles Twins Sq4s


Technical Documents
Below are links to documents and sites that can get you started. There are many more documents like these in the member's section. (Links open in a new window.)
Frame and Engine
Numbers by Year
Key to Burman
Gearbox Numbers
Sq4 crankshaft
oilways warning
AMAL carb data
Ariel wiring
1933-1950 (most)
Lucas coil
ignition service
Lucas magdyno
Lucas ring cam
magneto service
1953 KH & KHA
Owner's Guide
VH engine diagram
from 1953 parts book
More Ariel parts books, owner's guides and restoration documents can be found in the member's section.

As of May 2012 there are 220+ megabytes of technical documents in the members section.
Ariels For Sale page!
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Links We Like
Yahoo email group started and supported by AMCNA members. A great place to share information, trade parts and post pictures. Free to join for all Ariel enthusiasts. This group has members from all over the world.
Ariel bicycle history site. Ariel made bicycles before motorcycles and continued making Ariel and Fleet bicycles into the 1930s. Read all about it here. Some good history!
Supercharged Sq4 - the full history!A really well researched site with great pictures. Includes the Bickell bike, the reproduction, the Foster-Pegg blown cammy, and the Harper Lakester - Wow! (Updated)
Draganfly Motorcycles, a great supplier of Ariel parts and expertise. Their website has grown into a great resource.
Kim Mortensen's Restorations. Fantastically detailed photo essays of rebuilding several Ariels - he shows you how to do it!
Australian Ariel Ariel Club. Great documents in the technical section (esp. Cyclone production) and wonderful pictures in the rally and gallery sections.
UK Ariel club. This club has the Ariel factory records and along with Draganfly makes many parts available.
Danish Ariel club. The Danish club has some interesting period articles and diagrams of tank painting patterns. Great stuff!
Mats Berglind's Ariel page (look for "Ariel" link in upper left) Lots of great stuff!
Dutch Ariel Owner's Club A really nice new site (2016) that includes a comprehensive gallery of Ariels starting in 1898! Lot's of information.
Czech Ariel Club with some great pictures (especially the pre-war pictures!) The stories are probably great too, but I can't read Czech!
Italian Ariel Club. Imagine riding through the Italian countryside on an Ariel - these guys do it!
AMAL carbs. You can buy a BRAND NEW Amal for your Ariel!
British Only Austria. Have reproduction parts that I've not seen other places.
Bob's HT-5 Trails site. Older site but great pictures and stories. Don't miss "Story of a New HT-5 Project".
AJ Lewis's Ariel site, now maintained by Mike Taddeo. Lots of pictures, old advertisements and parts for sale.
Modern Motorcycle Mechanics. MMM is a great resource for Arielists. Lots of common sense techniques and information found no-where else. This site also has some great photos and a cool Ariel T-shirt.
More early Ariel history here. Some great sales brochures too.
More hisory and links. Check out the Ariel ads in the gallery.
Sammy Miller Museum. The great Ariel trials rider has built a fantastic motorcycle museum.
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