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We invite you to join the Ariel Motorcycle Club of North America.
When you join the AMCNA you join the largest, most active group of Ariel motorcyclists in North America.
North America was one of the largest markets for Ariel Motrocycles after WWII and Ariel built and modified designs such as the 4 pipe Sq4 MkII, HS and Cyclone for our market. North American riders and dealers such as Johnson Motors Co. in LA and Nicholson Bros. in Canada           (
perfected modifications and maintanence to bikes such as the HS and Sq4 that would sustain them through desert races and on long hot freeway rides. For example a claim has been made that 20w50 oil was designed in the USA specifically for the needs of the Ariel Sq4 in the desert.
Evidence of the difference between the North American and UK motorcycle market is in the statement by F. Byford (motorcycle engineer, longtime resident of the US from the UK and AMCNA member): Moving to the USA in the 1960s he found that "motorycling in America is totally different than in the UK. In the UK we'd jump on our bikes to go everywhere, but we'd get there in 10 minutes. In America riders would get on their bikes and ride for hours up the freeway." I'm paraphrasing, but the conclusion is the same - the demands on the machine are totally different. This expertise resides with our club members and our aim is to preserve it for posterity.
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Ariel wisdom from Gaffer
"I am old enough to have bought my first Ariel, a 1947 VH new in Los Angeles when I got out of WWII. I rode it everywhere throughout the western US in the summer and commuted to school in the winter. I even took it 400 miles into Baja California cross country from Ensenada to San Felipe. I am ashamed to say I only changed the oil once a year... sometimes. Mostly I just kept adding oil when it needed it. I never had to walk home or get a lift. It started second kick and ran everywhere at any time day or night without electrical or any other problems.

I bought seven more new Brit bikes before I settled down in 1956 and they were all equally reliable mechanically and electrically... The early Brit bikes (especially the Ariels) imported here after the war were fabulous bikes compared to what was on the road then. They changed the whole bike (and biker) scene in the US and should be remembered, restored and ridden for what they were: mechanical jewels in an age of clunky Harleys and Indians."

    Gaffer    March 2003
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