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History of the AMCNA

The first organized group of Ariel owners in the USA was formed in California in the summer of 1967 by Austin Munger and Ted Faber. They contacted the Ariel Owners MC Club in England (the only other Ariel club at the time)) and found they needed at least 7 members to form an official branch. Soon they had 7 members and got together at Austin's home for their first photo. Their first newsletter, named "Cheval de Alliage", was published in November 1968. There were 44 members at the time. Today the AMCNA is an independent club with over 300 members from all over the world. Our newsletter "Spirit of the Air" is published six times a year. Our mission is to help Ariel Motorcycle enthusiasts restore and enjoy their machines, and to preserve the expertise of our members for future Ariel enthusiasts.
Ariel AGM - Sunday June 4, 2017 - Save the Date!

    Huntington Beach, CA
contact Thor Faber for more info!

Always a great opportunity to ride, meet club members and officers and talk all things Ariel.
Join us for our annual rally.

New Date!     Sept 28 through Oct 1, 2017

Concurrent with Central Coast Classics show and Swap.  

Check back for more info.
AMCNA in March 2012 Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader!
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