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1950 Square 4 Project              Update May 2017
I sold the engine, mounting plates, primary cover and transmission 1950 Ariel Sq4 Frame (rigid), primary covers fuel tank, front end 2 rear wheels (BSA). Good entry level Sq 4 parts. $900 obo. For more information email John at or call 818 951 0435

1955 Square Four                                 Posted April 2017
1955 Square 4 Running Project
I've run into a big health problem and need to sell one of my babies. I have a 1955 SQ4 with a '53 MK2 engine (non matching). This was a daily rider for my friend before it came to my possession. I've made a mechanical start with electronic ignition and some other small work. This is a runner with title but will obviously need a good rebuild at least cosmetically. I'm asking $12,000 landed at Long beach from Hawai`i.

Video of her running a couple months ago:

More pictures here:

Email Cas for more info:

Beautiful 1958 Square Four         Sold!               Posted Feb 2017
1958 Square Four MkII
I am selling this bike for my sister in law as brother in law passed last year. He purchased this bike out of a museum and did a frame up restoration completed approx 6 years ago. Bike was registered in GA and since GA does not issue titles for 1962 or older vehicles it was register "No Title" Bike was stored by a British service shop between 2008 and 2016 where it was supposedly started monthly. Since I assumed control of the bike it is stored under cover, indoors and started / run thru gears monthly. Tank was flushed and filled with non Ethanol gas with Sta-bil. Bike always starts within 3 kicks and Idles immediately. Beautiful paint, chrome and alloy. Recently detailed, odometer shows 1641 miles. Asking $20,500 OBO. Sold!

Freshly Restored 1950 Square 4                                 Posted Feb 2017
1950 Square Four
A fresh restoration (Chuck Walton did the engine), 0 miles, engine broken in, engine oil changed to 50w detergent, equipped with the following: proper 1-year headlight, proper large seat, badge/safety bar, proper Ariel rear rack, proper Ariel air cleaner (very rare), ride-off stand. Included in tool box: 1950 Owners manual, new set of Whitworth wrenches, an enlarged wiring diagram (1950 only). $25,000. Questions?    Please contact Jack for more pictures and information at 310-455-1476 or email

Two 650 Huntmasters: 1955 and 1957                                 Posted Nov 2016
1955 and 1957 650 Huntmasters
Both bikes are complete ground up restorations by an experienced person who has been restoring Ariel bikes for several years using authentic English parts. 1955 Ariel 650 Huntmaster - Has 34,260 miles, daily driver, reliable. A definite classic! $8,999 Canadian dollars. 1957 Ariel 650 Huntmaster - Has 28,000 miles, daily driver, reliable. A definite classic! $9,999 Canadian dollars.    Please contact Scott for more pictures and information at 506-476-2932 or email

1958 Square Four MkII            Sold!                    Posted Oct 2016
1958 Square 4 MkII.
Selling a super clean 1958 Ariel Square Four. Have had it for 10 years now, but unfortunately I am losing my hearing and with that goes my equilibrium so I can no longer ride her safely.
It has never been bent or crashed. I actually bought it from Ed Kretz Jr. (motorcycle racer in the 50s). At the time it had been sitting for years and not running. Since I have owned it, it has undergone a complete frame off restoration (finished 4 years ago). The engine was rebuilt by Chuck Walton (notable Ariel mechanic) now with less than 100 miles on it. The transmission was rebuilt with all fresh running gear.
This bike is ready to go. Fires right up, runs very strong, shifts through the gears smooth, and stops great too. I am sad to sell it and if I was still able to ride I wouldn't be putting it up for sale.
I made a few upgrades to my liking. However, I have all original parts in great condition which all will be given to the winner of the auction. Includes original sheet metal tank, fenders, chronometer, and forks.
Clean California title and current registration in my name. Sold!

1931 LF 250 Sloper                            Posted Sept 2016
1931 250cc Sloper.
The LF is amazingly complete and original. The '31 motor is free the piston is original. I gave the barrel a light hone and re seated the valves. The gearbox has been rebuilt but it still needs the kick start arm and the outer spring cover.The clutch is complete but not yet installed. The speedo and oil gauge both work but will need to be refreshed. The mag is out being rebuilt at the moment and I have not looked at the dyno yet but it is complete. The bike is 100% original. The bike was shipped from Ariel works Jan 21 1931. It was shipped with no lights but with magdyno and the bike was shipped to Otto C. Ling and Son inc in New York and lights were then installed. It also needs the battery box and I can also arrange shipping. Asking $15,000 because of its originality. For more photos and info email Steven at

1940 WNG           Sold!                  Posted Sept 2016
1940 WNG 350cc British Army.
The WNG is a good runner. It is an early restoration that came over from Norway in 2008. It's the 1598th bike made in the first contract to resupply the troops after Dunkirk. $6,000 for the WNG and can arrange shipping. Sold!

1952 NH350 Red Hunter                            Posted Aug 2016
1952 NH350 Red Hunter.
Clean original bike, except the tank has been repainted because the guy I had working on it dropped it. Carb has just been sonic cleaned and rebuilt (so it is covered with a plastic bag). $8,000 or offer. Call or email Larry in Sacramento, CA for more information (530) 386-2221 or

Huntmaster 650 Project                            Posted Aug 2016
Huntmaster 650 Project.
A restoration project Ariel Huntmaster, developed similar to BSA A10. With V5 logbook, transferable reg "420CHA" valued by registration specialist at $1000 to buy for their stock, sell the plate and it makes for cheap classic biking. Engine bottom end rebuilt, needs pistons/pushrods etc. What you see is what you get. Burman gearbox rebuilt. Clear numbers, solid frame and tanks. Magneto, carb, footrests, kickstart all included. Needs mudguards, handlebars, seat, tyres etc. Bike is located in Louisiana. $2,500. More information, kindly contact me:

1947 VB600 and Sidecar                           Posted Aug 2016
1947 Ariel VB600 Single with 2 person sidecar.
Both recently restored. Good condition and fun to ride. You won't find a combo like this in the US. I'm including a spare new Amal carb. Current carb works but its a spare. Email for more information

1952 Ariel KH Twin     Sold!                   Posted April 2016
Beautiful 1952 Ariel KH Fieldmaster
Up for sale this beautiful 1952 Ariel KH Fieldmaster finished in Wedgewood Blue with white custom pin stripping. I bought this as a project bike from a gentleman that could not finish it. It was completely painted, but nothing was assembled. It did come with mostly the correct parts although I did have to purchase some.

The Goods:
* new correct Amal 276 remote float carb. Runs beautifully
* Very nice paint and pinstripping
* Engine completely gone through including the sludge traps
* Transmission gone through and new clutch pack installed
* New wiring harness from Draganfly. All lights, horn, amp meter work
* Chrome in very nice condition
* New SS spokes
* Starts first/ second kick
* Beautiful Burgess silencers
* Comes with period California license plate. Have no idea why it is a 51 plate

The Not so goods:
* Answering endless questions about the Ariel when you stop anywhere.
* Missing speedometer cable.
* Comes with Bill of Sale only.
* Stop light switch is not installed, but the rear light is wired for it.
* There is a small tear in the seat as seen in the pictures.
* The clutch cover could be replaced as the one installed is a bit tired.
* It could use tires.
* The prop stand does work, but is not correct so the bike lists to the right a tad.
* The chain guard comes with it but need some work and paint.
* The steering damper rod is not correct. It handles very well and does not affect the handling.

Overall this is a great entry level Ariel that looks amazing. It could use a little work to get it to 100%, but she runs well enough to ride now. Really depends on how fussy you are. I will accept PayPal for a deposit, the balance can be paid by personal check (when it clears), cashiers check (when it clears) and of course cash...
If you would like more photos I can provide them. Frame # is SE1427 / Engine #SE1775 Sold!

1951 Square 4 Project         Lower Price!           Posted April 2016
1951 Ariel Square Four.
Beautiful bike, stored for years without headway on restoration. Parts missing: battery tray and hold down, horn, chain guard, and tank knee pads. 40k miles. $9,500. Call or email Jim in Sisters, OR. for more information 541-419-3862 or

Nice 1955 Square Four MKII              Sold!            Posted April 2016
1955 Square Four MkII
My father, a member of the Ariel North American club passed away last November. My sisters and I are in possession of his 1955 Ariel Sq 4. The bike has been sitting for a few years and the rubber has deteriorated somewhat but the bike did win 3rd place at the meet in Lake Cachuma in 2003. We are asking $20,000 obo. The bike runs well but should have the carburetor gone through as it has been sitting for a few years. Mostly, we would like the bike to be bought by someone who really appreciates what they are getting. My father bought the bike in 1998 and had it shipped from Ohio to Encinitas, CA where it is today. Additional photos also available.Sold!

Fresh 1957 Sq4 MkII Custom     Sold!          Reposted April 2016
Custom 1957 Square Four MkII
Less than 10hr on rebuilt motor. Fresh rebuilt trans at same time. Morgo oil pump, 0.010" over pistons, Mukini 23mm carb. Fully Polished cases engine and trans. Custom rigid frame with 1946 Stock wide Springer frontend. Ran when it was parked 4 years ago and has been under a cover in the garage since. Located in Lodi, California. Asking $8,000. Sold!

1953 Square 4 MkII      Lower Price!         Reposted April 2016
1953 Ariel Square Four in very good condition. 0.020" over pistons and rings. On road now. Even has original tire pump. $13,000. For more information call Bob days: 781-585-6377, evenings: 781-585-9492

1958 Square 4 MkII                    Posted April 2016
My father recently passed away and I am being forced to sell his Ariel to cover expenses. I am asking 25,000 for it or best offer. It has all original parts and is very clean. Left side exhaust and battery included (they were removed for a repair to the sidestand). I know there is someone who will love this beautiful motorcycle as much as he did. For more information call Christie at 509-922-4463 or email me at

1954 Huntmaster 650 Twin         Sold!         Posted March 2016

1954 Ariel Huntmaster 650 twin
Restoration candidate: Not running; motor turns over; No wiring harness. Tank rusty inside, tires cracked and flat. Includes extra Huntmaster frame. Good Wisconsin Title.
Engine # PJ287HCS
Frame #DU5138, extra frame #KS3042
Number on the Wisconsin title: PJ287HCS
$4500.00     Sold!

Restored 1955 Huntmaster and many Parts   Sold!            Posted Nov 2015
1955 Huntmaster
This Ariel Huntmaster has a few miles on it since I did it over. Ground up restoration. I have been restoring Ariels for many years and am known for being very particular. I do all my own rebuilding and painting. Like all my others it has been a winner in many shows. In my opinion it is the most comfortable rider of all Ariels. $7000.00 US.Sold!

Ariel Spares a lot of swing arm parts and some Leader parts: toolboxes, oiltanks, cylinders, heads and engine parts. Odds and ends, wheels. A gear box for a SQ4, gear box parts some good, some soso. Some headlight buckets, some new underslung park lights for bucket. Out of the 13 Ariels I only had one single(a 500) which sold last week. The buyer also took the few single parts.
I also have a chopped Cyclone. It has matching numbers. It is in many pieces, terribly rough, but certainly rebuildable. It even has the headlight nacelle. For the guy who enjoys a real challenge.Sold!
1948 Ariel KG Deluxe Twin    Sold!                Posted June 2015
Beautiful 1948 KG 500 Twin Deluxe.
The KG was a 3 year only model. Frame and engine numbers are correct and I possess a Certificate of Authenticity from the Ariel Club of England. This stunning KG, done in black with gold pinstriping, has just about everything sorted. It was a frame off restoration. Everything was either replaced or reconditioned. All parts were sourced from Draganfly. New Dunlop Made in England rims with new SS spokes and Dunlop Gold Seal tires. This Ariel runs strong and handles amazing well. A blast to ride. If you are looking for an alternative to a SQ4, this is it. The Good: Carb was re-sleeved by Lund Engineering, Mag was done by Mickey Peters, Dyno has all new internals. Frame was powder coated and new Dragonfly wiring harness installed. New tank paint and emblems. The Bad: Some traditional British oil drips.
Frame# CX199   Engine #PT544   Gearbox   Burman G67 F43
This Ariel is registered and titled in California. Being offered at $12,500.00. Sold!
1951 Ariel Sq4 Parts Lot                    Posted March 2015
1951 Ariel Square4 Parts Lot.
Have title. All parts are included in images, there are no unpictured parts. Selling as a lot only. Additional pictures available upon request. Motor - RD174H, Heads - ET1440 (1952?), Frame- ET1040NS. Trans, Lucas Generator, Headers, Toolbox, Oil Bag with cap and fittings (one good - one heavily dented), Chain Guard, Tank Knee Pad Rubbers, Intake Manifolds (one decent, one has a few cracked out holes), Motor Mounts / Control Peg Plates, Amal Remote Float Carb (276-GN1B4), Pushrods, Axles Plunger Frame Assy. (springs, covers, spacers, hardware, axle dropouts/adjusters), Wico Mag (Model “X” with extra parts body), Misc. Levers, Controls, Pedals, Hardware (frame, motor, body, accessory) Happy to help buyers chosen shipping provider if pickup is not possible. Open to reasonable offers - best offer gets the lot. Please email - located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1956 HS mkIII      Sold!       Posted Feb 2015
1956 Ariel HS 500 Single.
Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. One of 229 made according to the factory records. Dating certificate confirms original engine, gearbox and frame. Originally sold by Johnson Motors Co. New Amal 389 carb; new clutch, primary chain and sprockets. I've put about 1,000 miles on it and it starts easily and is a strong runner (even compared to Gold Stars!). Correct levers and shocks (original paint?!). Everything works including all electrical and gauges. Sold!
1955 VH/HS ISDT Special      Sold!       Posted Jan 2015
1955 Ariel Red Hunter VH/HS 500 Single.
This a very unusual Red Hunter especially, if you are a fan of Jeff Smith, Dave Bickers (they've autographed the tank) or the ISDT. It would be a great addition to a collection or just an outstandingly great bike to own and ride, as I have. This Red Hunter was restored in England by Andy Tiernan to the 1955 ISDT specs in which it was supposed to enter. This Ariel came from the factory with the alloy HS engine. I have a certificate of authenticity from the factory records supplied by the Ariel Club of England. This racing Red Hunter is equipped with a host of features for competition that you just don’t see anymore. Compressed air bottle (for fixing flats), front mudguard nail catcher, ISDT head inspection tag, extra cables (clutch, brake, throttle) laced next to the operating ones and an original tank bag, racing air filter and more. I added a SRM electronic ignition that fits inside the original magneto housing. I also added LED bulbs to headlight and rear stop light. This Red Hunter is a ball to ride. Starts first kick and runs unbelievably strong. Just installed new shocks so the bike rides better than you can imagine. Everything works. Chrome is perfect and the paint is in good condition. Sold!
1958 Sq4 MkII                   Posted Dec. 2014
I purchased this Ariel from Arlin Jeffries in 1997. Rode it 27 miles (to 22,430 total) and then put it on display in my den. Arlin purchased it in 1962. Runs fine, way too much power for me, has none of the post 1997 upgrades. I cleaned it up pretty well but alloy castings need polishing. This is not a show bike but is quite beautiful in a 56 year-old kind of way. Bike is with me in Seattle. $25,000. For more info contact:
HS Mk III Scrambler 1955    Sold!            Posted Dec. 2014
Bike was in process of being restored. Engine LK361, Frame DUS353. Many new parts and restored parts in boxes. Tank is finished, wheels are chromed, (need to have new spokes installed, Included) New tires, Many freshly chromed parts. Many new motor parts, including: valves, piston with rings, head has been glassbeaded. A second frame with tank, wheels, swing arm, shocks come in this package, Package also includes several high end carbs, boxes of gaskets, electrical parts, tools, original sales materials, brake and clutch parts, nuts, bolts, control cables, plumbing parts. Sold!
1951 Sq4    Sold!               Posted October 2014
1951 Ariel square four 2 pipe all original but mufflers and taillight. This has A clear title kicks over great with great compression. It has lite surface rust but not bad at all. I am open to all cash offers. Best offer will get this bike. Sold!
1949 350 Single     Sold!              Posted August 2014
1949 Ariel 350cc. Located in Omaha NE. Starts first kick, runs through all the gears. Recent Strip down and paint/powder coat. Lots of original parts. 1952 engine. $3200 Sold!
Wanted: 1937-48 Sq4 Parts                    Posted August 2014
1937-48 Sq4 MagDyno parts. (Mag 5 armature) Front vertical distributor plate and shaft. Front Puck (sometimes called the "disk") that joins generator to vertical disributor drive.
Lucas Dynamo 200306 6v generator.
Other 37-48 Sq 4 parts wanted: Frame, Intake rocker arm box, Exhaust manifold set. Contact Jack Boileau 206-419-5889 or

Beautiful 1952 KH    Sold!         Posted June 2014
Beautiful 1952 KH Fieldmaster 500 Twin.
This stunning KH has just about everything sorted. This Ariel runs strong and handles amazing well. A blast to ride. If you are looking for an alternative to a SQ4, this is it. The Good: Carb was re sleeved by Lund Engineering, Mag was done by Mickey Peters, Dyno has all new internals. Frame was powder coated and new Dragonfly wiring harness installed. New tank paint and emblems. New SS spokes installed on the rear with new Dunlop tire. Front spokes and tire are in nice shape. Bike starts first kick. More than a few members have seen this KH at the Clubmans and Dixon shows and can attest to its condition. The Bad: Some traditional british oil drips and some scuff marks on the rear fender (due to me not being able to get my leg over cleanly). Being offered at $11,000.00 or reasonable offer. Sold!
Ariel Sq4 parts lot    Sold!         Posted Feb 2014
Ariel Sq4 parts lot for sale (Sold as a lot only).
1 Swingarm Harley/Sq4 project GL280 no guts incomplete no front end mock up, 1 MKII Engine Frame front end CNML, 1 Distributor, 12 Crankshafts, 1 SU carb, 4 MKII ex manifold, 2 MkI Iron oil tanks, 1 GB gearbox, Misc engine internals, 4 Camshaft, 1 MKI Cases RD848, 3 MKII Heads, 2 MKII Cylinder block, 1 MKII enngine, No head, NML842, 1 Upper chain guard, 2 Lower chain guard, 2 Clutch covers, MKII rear wheel, 2 MKII bobbed fenders, 2 MKII rocker cvrs, 2 Coupling gears, Misc clutch parts, 1 MKII gas tank, 1 MKII front wheel, 1 MKI frame, no lugs, 5 Primary covers, 2 Gen/Distributor, 4 Inner primary, 3 Coupling gear cover, 5 Timing case cover, 3 Engine case halves (timing), 2 Engine case halves (drive), 1 Nacelle, 1 Rear number plate, 1 Dash, 1 MKII Forks (red), 1 MKII front engine plat cvr. $13,000 obo. Parts are in the southern California and would need to be picked up. Can provide many additional pictures. Sold!

Restored 1958 Square Four, missing tank Sold!        Posted Feb. 2014
Restored 1958 Ariel Square Four.

Estate Sale: Garaged since purchased in March 2013, but fuel tank stolen recently. It appears bike in current condition may require a carb in addition to the fuel tank. Less than 1,000 miles on rebuilt engine. It is unknown to this seller if any further modifications were done in the interim. California license plate included - black with yellow digits. Before theft, bike was valued at $25,000. The following is the ad placed by the previous seller.

Engine: Complete rebuild by Chuck Walton including: Modified valve guides, connecting rods sized and aligned with new Honda bolts, crankshaft ground, new rod bearings, new main crankshaft bushes, .020 over pistons with new .020 rings Otto head gaskets, Morgo rotary oil pump, steel sump plate, primary cases modified by Homer Knapp for clutch cage seal, main shaft seals and inner and outer case seals.

Gearbox: Disassembled and inspected . Homer Knapp installed seals on kick start shaft, gear indicator shaft and main drive side seals.

General: Fuel tank refurbished, sealed and re-chromed by Ross Thompson; Stainless steel spokes, re-upholstered Saddle, Complete re-paint, New wiring loom from Draganfly.

$16,000 or offer. Sold!
HT5 Sammy Miller Replica            Posted Nov 2013
Sammy Miller HT5 trials replica. Built by Matt at Speed and Sport and campaigned in vintage trials. In storage for many years. Started second kick after 8 years storage. Very little use since I have had it. Excellent condition. A real pleasure to ride and to look at. Completely tricked out with all Sammy Miller vintage up grades. Thinning out collection. Great premier 500 trials classic. Has extra fiberglas painted tank that can be switched in two minutes for actually riding. Shown with polished aluminum tank. $8,500. For more information call Paul at 650 868 0493, or email
1957 Sq4 MkII    Sold!        Posted Aug 2013
1957 Ariel Sq4. Same owner for 26 years. Rebuilt gearbox and topend. Oil cooler and other sensible upgrades. Asking $23,000 or best offer. Sold!
1956 HS Scrambler     Lower Price!            Posted May 2013
1956 Ariel HS in excellent shape. Bike is complete except air cleaner cover, I have one coming that may work. $9,000 or best offer. For more information contact Skip at 561-746-3171, cell 561-713-0437 or by email at
1950 VH Red Hunter project Sold!            Posted May 2013
1950 Ariel Red Hunter twin port. Bike is nearly complete but is assembled from parts. Engine #MN447, frame #AB2410. New chrome tank, new dual exhaust, new valenced fender, new levers, fasteners and other small parts. Kicks over. Will need magneto and guages and small parts. Asking $3,500. Titled in my name. Sold!
Restored 1960 Leader, 1958 Leader and parts            Posted March 2013
The Ariel Leader was the revolutionary and very successful two-stroke twin designed by Val Page and Barnard Knight.

Restored 1960 Leader in red and light blue. 1958 Leader is for parts but fairly complete. The Ariel, parts bike and lower end I will do a $6,000 package deal. I have the original title, the bill of sale to the Dealer where I bought it and I will provide a bill of sale from me to new owner. I did not register it in CT because the state of CT takes the title and does not issue a new one. Bike runs well. More pictures can be found here:
I can deliver it to AMCA Oley, PA, Rhinebeck, NY, and Hebron, CT, or it can be picked up or shipped from 06002.
Asking $6,000 for all. For more information and even more photos contact Jim at 860-670-4501 or by email at
Well sorted 1958 500 Red Hunter Sold!            Posted Jan. 2013
1958 Ariel 500 VH, good condition, ridden frequently, $6,500.

Too many bikes and projects. The VH is one that works, not a project, that I take out on warm Sunday afternoons and ride to an occasional Brit Rally. My reflexes and skills are declining and I find myself going out now on a more modern bike more often than selecting the VH. I will hate to see the Ariel leave, but it should be used and appreciated by someone else now.

Asking $6,500. Sold!
Oringinal 1958 Cyclone and Spares Sold!        Updated Dec. 2012
1958 Ariel Cyclone, original and unrestored, running, registered, and now titled in Arizona. There is also a parts stash that includes another Cyclone (HC8) engine, NOS con rods and pistons, Leather saddlebags right out of the BSA/Ariel catalog and other things. I would like to sell it to someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. I bought it in 1980 in Vermont. The bike is now in SE AZ where I currently live. $10,000 for bike and parts. Sold!
1948 and 1951 Sq4s        Posted Oct. 2012
I have four Ariels and want to sell 2 of them. I would love to find good homes for them. Asking $28,500 for the 1948 (black), and $24,900 for the 1951 (red). For more information and pictures contact Michael at 949-9O3-4O47 or by email at
1959 Sq4 Project Sold!        Posted Oct. 2012
The guy I got it from said it was running when he got it, but being a motorcycle mechanic, he decided to take it apart and rebuild it (probably as a bobber). He didn't do it, and now I have been hauling it around for 20 years. Many new parts, much chrome and polishing done. Mostly complete including fasteners but almost completely disassembled. Missing correct gas tank, seat, front wheel and fender. Also the crank case is earlier. Call or email for more photos. $3,500 or offer. Sold!
1952 Sq4 Freshly Restored         Posted Sept. 2012
1952 Ariel Sq4 freshly restored. Hate to sell it, but need to finish my house. $16,000 or near offer. Located in Southern California. Contact John at
1952 Sq4 Engine Sold!     Posted July 2012
1952 Sq4 engine fairly complete but dissasembled. All the components look to be in good conition but need overhaul sn# TM679, asking $900.00. Sold!
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