Aluminum Tumble Service

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Aluminum Tumble Service

Post by paul.ptak » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:33 pm

For your consideration, I am offering a service to refinish your aluminum parts (crank cases, gearbox cases, heads, cylinders, primary cases, etc). Please see the attached photos for a before and after example.

I have been doing this work on my personal projects, on any engine or gearbox rebuilds that I do for others, and for locals that know me through the vintage bike scene that do their own builds.

Since I have not advertised or offered this service previously, for the time being, the cost will be 50% of what is normally charged by other high end builders that offer this service. I use the same technique, media, cleaning agent, and equipment as the other shops.

Costs listed below do not include shipping.

Crankcases = $149
Gearbox Case and covers = $105
Heads = $105
Primary Chain Cases = $95

This level of cleaning should occur before new bearings or bushings are installed.

Parts only need to be wiped clean of oil and grease. If you remove bearings and bushings, that's OK, otherwise I will remove for you. The cost is not less if you degrease...I'm going to degrease and inspect all parts before I start the process regardless of how much you clean the parts.

For the first person that responds to me, I will do one part (Both halves of crank case, gearbox case with its covers, head, cylinders, or primary chain cases) for FREE. You just pay the shipping in each direction. I will do any of the other parts on the list for 50% of the cost; limited to the major assembly parts listed required for one motorcycle.

For the second person that responds, I will do any of the major assembly parts listed for 50% of the listed price, limited to the major assembly parts required for one motorcycle. You pay the actual shipping cost each direction.

The photos are the same crankcase. The clean version is only tumbled, the exterior has not been polished yet.

PM me via the forum if interested.
Time Dirty.jpg
Timing Clean.jpg

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